How it all began

Summer light infuses old ideas with new inspiration

Midsummer day, June 2020, on my regular lockdown walk by the river

I knew that I loved (and had loved for a long time) the joyful transformation of creating new things from old. I made cards for friends and family from colourful scraps of paper, I unravelled old jumpers to knit them into new toys, I adapted the clothes that I wasn’t wearing very often to make them more fun and useful.

A few years previously, other people had spotted and affirmed for me the potential for clothes design and making things to sell, but at the time it felt like something for the future.

In June 2020, a few weeks into the creative rediscovery of The Artist’s Way, a midsummer’s walk rekindled that old dream and I started to wonder about the possibilities. I began a new instagram account, called Lizzie & May after an old business idea that never took off, and just kept my eyes open to see what came.

And I found:

  • A new realisation that you do not have to be cool, young or beautiful to have a clothes account on instagram!
  • New inspiration from clothes not seen for almost 20 years, rediscovered in the loft.
  • New joy in creating more intentionally and focussing on upcycled clothing amid the many other exciting creative possibilities.

And so, as the journey has unfolded, I find myself a year on from this small beginning, making a website and setting up a shop for the things I have made, still keeping an open mind for whatever the future may hold.

You can see the story gradually developing through my instagram feed @underthesun_upcycling, here’s a link to that very first post: