Clothkits revisited

We grew up with Clothkits. As children in the 1980s (showing my age here!) we had the most fun quilted jackets with colourful animals that Mum made from Clothkits patterns, and dolls that became lifelong friends. The fabric design and the pattern pieces were printed straight onto the fabric – no fussing with paper patterns – and came in a kit with everything you needed to make your own clothes. Clothkits is now more than 50 years old! After a break in the 1990s while the company was made dormant, they have been up and running again since 2008. I’ve just had a nostalgic moment or two looking at the timeline on their website and am delighted to see that you can now buy reprints of the original 1970s Kitty dolls.

Like so many creative endeavours, sometimes you buy all the stuff and then the time or the inspiration passes and it doesn’t get finished. This purple skirt is made from one of those. The fabric is an original pre-printed Clothkits pattern for a blouse. I thought it would be more fun to show off the fabric in a unique way by making it into something completely different! It was a brave moment making the first cut into the fabric, knowing there was no turning back… but I am really pleased with how it turned out! It’s currently for sale in my new shop on Depop.

A final thought – did you know that vintage Clothkits patterns are known colloquially as mothkits? The things I learn on instagram!