Squirrel bag

Sometimes life throws you exactly the right thing at the right time. These t-shirts felt like a gift from my teenage self when I rediscovered them last year, stashed away in the loft since the 1990s when the yellow sun cream stains began to take hold. I still loved the pictures too much to throw them away, and carefully transported them from house to house in the box of keepsakes.

When I started upcycling, I saw them with fresh eyes and knew immediately that I wanted to convert the squirrel design into a bag that would show it off properly. The painting is actually quite large so the bag needed to be big and sturdy to carry it off. I upcycled part of an old and rather tired denim skirt to frame the picture and make sure the finished bag would be strong. I lined it with an offcut from my mother’s stash of quilting fabric and a rescued zip, and added a fabric flower (made from the ‘hole’ in the Clothkits skirt!) and some buttons from a charity shop button box to pick up the purple and grey shades in the painting for the finishing touches.

With thanks to my glamourous assistant for the photoshoot who kindly stood behind the tree while I took the photos. We kept an eye out for real life squirrels but they were too quick for the camera!

The squirrel bag was made as a present but there are smaller denim bags in the Etsy shop – this one was made with the remainder of the same skirt.