Fundraising for Cool Earth

From now on, 20% of the proceeds from our upcycled and handmade gifts and clothes will go to the charity Cool Earth to support their work with rainforest communities.

Earth matters. You know that. I know that. The climate crisis looms large these days, and our individual impact can feel so inconsequential in the face of such a huge problem. As an upcycler, I find joy and satisfaction in finding new ways to use things that would otherwise have gone to waste – each item I make is another small victory, another tiny reduction in our vast global over-consumption. But another part of the joy of upcycling is the serendipity of finding unusual combinations of things that somehow just work! And perhaps my support for Cool Earth fits into the same category. They are on a mission to halt the deforestation that contributes to climate change, by working with indigenous communities to protect rainforest and find sustainable ways for people and forest to thrive together. You can read more about their work here: