Under The Sun Upcycling is the place for quirky, one-off upcycled clothes, gifts and accessories. Each item is unique, inspired by the original garment but tweaked, updated or completely transformed to give it a new lease of life in your wardrobe!

They say that there’s nothing new under the sun, and the majority of the fabrics and the fixtures like zips and buttons that I use are sourced secondhand. I love finding creative uses for the scraps too – smaller items like purses, flowers and scrunchies are often made from the offcuts of larger projects so that nothing goes to waste. The labels and packaging that I use for orders are all from recycled materials.

A quick note about ethical fashion…

The global fashion industry has a huge cost in both environmental damage and in the treatment of workers. If a brand needs an ‘eco-conscious’ collection what does that say about everything else in their shop? To find out more about the changes that are needed and what we can do to make a difference, Fashion Revolution is a great place to start. If you’re new to this I can recommend watching the film The True Cost – it’s a real eye-opener!


Hello! I’m Lizzie, upcycler and maker at Under The Sun Upcycling.

I love the transformation of turning unwanted clothes and second-hand textiles into new creations as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. I live in Devon and I love spending time outdoors and making music – both together would be my ideal so you may spot some happy festival influences in some of the things I make!

Say hello: drop me an email at underthesun.upcycling@gmail.com

Music and more is over here: www.lizziepridmore.com.